A path to Dragon Sage [Dekan Dragon Sage Quest Guide]  

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Okay guys here goes the Dragon Sage Quest Guide:

1. Starting point - Haem in Rev Deca castle

2. Speak to Talia - Bindstone Downstream of Shamar River in Armenes/Rev Deca map (Coordinates: D8)

3. After speaking to Talia, go to Black Dragon Sanctuary click at the Statue of Wailing Dragon in Geizan (Coordinates: C9)

4. After that, Go see Keeper of Dragon Eyes - Guliermo at Dragon Eyes Bindstone in Via Marea (Coordinates: F2)

5. Return to Rev Deca and speak to Haem

6. Find the youngest child in Rev Deca - (Perisada is located just outside the Rev Deca castle not town; left side of the castle)

7. Go to Crystal Quarry - Kill the Phoenix Croief (located by the portal leading to the second lvl of Crystal Quarry)

8. Return to Rev Deca and speak to Haem

9. Talk to Rivyn's Conscience - location: Del Lagos - north central (Coordinates: F|G 2)

10. Find Sign of Sepa Rosa - location: Aevraum (Coordinates: C9 at top of the tower) go to Gathering Hall and ride your mount to Aevraum.

11. Go to Altar of Late King - Ferdinant's Mausoleum location:Armenes/Rev Deca Map (Coordinates: G8)

12. Return to Rev Deca and speak to Haem

13. Go to Armenes Altar; speak with Atiya - location: Armenes/Rev Deca Map (Coordinates: G5 Tip: use infernal tower portal stone)

14. Okay all the running is talking is done and lets get into the real thing. You can ask some of your friends or guildmates for assistance coz this may take a lot of effort especially if your armor is not that good and you are an int build dekan.

  • Go to Black Dragon Sanctuary (Geizan C9)- go to the last room west when you see the Shard of Baron Victor Vlen (BOSS) - you will pass through a long hallway with serpent pillagers, then will see serpent outlaws standing outside the doors to room where the Baron is (when you see these you are very close). Enter room where Baron is, go left and stay next to the wall to avoid his wrath. Go down a small ramp/hallway where you will see a large pot in the room, (leave party at this point if you have any) and double click the pot. The horseman will appear and he's no problem 1 on 1. Help may be needed to keep all the mobs off of you. Also, in this room of the BDS, a mini boss spawns (the white wolf Violence Mahopatew or something like that). If the boss is there, quickly open the pot then everyone attack the boss, if you die you can return and the horseman will be standing there and can be pulled into the hallway with a range attack thus avoiding the mobs and the boss. You should obtain a Spillproof Basin on killing horseman once.
(In my case, I bought a ninja scroll in the item mall to gain invisibility to avoid the mobs)
  • Go to Caronia's Tomb (Varvylan J6) - map of Caronia's Tomb is same as BDS so go to the same room as below. If in a party, withdraw before opening the pot. Kill horseman and obtain the Dryproof Basin.
(I bought ninja scroll too in this quest.. pretty the same even the map location and the mobs)

After that you are good as done!

15. Return to Armenes Altar - speak with Atiya (Armenes/Rev Deca G5)

16. Obtain Scale of Armenes - Look for the Sluggish Wave (location: Armenes/Rev Deca north shore of F2) There you will see 4 mobs but no worries, they are all lvl 1.

17. Return to Armenes Altar - Atiya will send you to Haem where you will be officially changed.

and poof! you are a Dragon Sage.. (take note: you need to be at lvl 54 to be in evolve mode so no Dragon form at the moment) :P

So there hope you liked it guys.. special thanks to exalt for the inputs:


Rohan Online: 3 Day Grinding 43-52  

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Alright I'm back online from a 3 day holy week vacation :D To start with my post I spent almost my 3 days in rohan (philippines) grinding to reach lvl50 mark.. starting at level 43.. so what do you think guys? did I make it? hehehe okay here's the story.


I'm a pure vit build dekan lvl 43 at that time and I purchased a 3-day x2 exp (solo) package to enhance my gaming experience then I jumped at Infernal Tower to grind killing orc warriors and guards in the process.. as I was grinding I noticed some bots and some players grinding along with me and I played it cool not PK'ing the bots as long as they are not KS'ing or looting other players.. I grinded for a whole day and I reached lvl 47 :D


I did'nt slept at all so i did'nt notice that it's my 2nd day of grinding already :D and I'm starting to get tired of soloing because the exp is not that good anymore.. luckily, my guildmate invite me for a party in Rahkon 1 (dungeon with lvl 48-50+ monsters) and they have x2 party scroll package and I bought a x2 party m.kill so that rocks! heheh I spent my whole day grinding then I reached lvl 49.. unfortunately, there is a 1 hour maintenance that day so our party got disbanded.. and I decided to sleep. :D

Day 3

I only slept for 2 hours then I'm off again to grinding.. at first since the server just went up.. there are only few players online so I decided to do some quests and from there I met a player that is actually forming a party at rahkon 1 again! yey!! so there i grinded till morning again and reached level 52 and it's time for my CHANGEJOB quest! (I chose Dragon Sage) :P

so guys to help you out I will be making a guide for future dragon sages out there so keep in touch!