Healing: The Best Skill in MMORPG  

Posted by Irie Rastafari in

In almost all MMORPGs, a skill called “heal” exists. And this useful ability can be in different classes and various purposes; it can be dedicated to heal one’s self, another player in the game or a team mate.

Heal skill can be classified into many types: channeled heal, direct heal, group heal, group HoT (heal over time), reactive heal, spread heal, vampiric heal and some improved heal skills even have additional effects. These healing abilities can be very useful if you use it properly. But which of these skills is the best?

The best Heal ability that I’ve ever encountered cannot be found anywhere and in any game… because it is the MMORPG itself. It goes beyond being able to use heal skill to the best advantage in the game, but how an MMORPG was able to bring a fading soul back to life -- how this modern medium of entertainment was able to save a boy from becoming trapped in a world limited by his illness and refusing to live by the boundaries it set.

It has been almost half a decade now since he was diagnosed with his curse; the smile on his face was replaced with sadness and regret. He chose to live his life alone as if the world turned its back on him, never to see the bright side of life again. He accepted his fate in a way that prevented him from enjoying the life that many of us take for granted. READ MORE