Gamerce Official Launch Event  

Posted by Irie Rastafari in

Guys Gamerce Community recently had their official launching and they are giving away Freebies and special membership privileges as for their Launching Event! Win iPod Touch or earn $1 for your every transaction with their services!

I know some of you are skeptic about websites or companies like this, but it is for real.. so check it out for yourselves mates!

To all those newcomers here in my Blog.. I'll post a link where you can find a brief introduction about Gamerce so you can atleast feel comfortable visiting their website.. :D

Brief Introduction about Gamerce:
About Gamerce

For more information about the Event please refer to the links below:

There are 3 Event categories:

For all members:
Gamerce Official Launching Promo for Members!

For Sellers:
Gamerce Official Launching Promo for Sellers!

For Buyers:
Gamerce Official Launching Promo for Buyers!

So guys please do check it out! and if you have questions or suggestions please comment to this post and I'll answer all your inquiries as soon as possible!