Rohan online: Refining Tips [deleveling to 17 levels]  

Posted by Irie Rastafari in

First off, let's have a short introduction about refining in Rohan online.

What is Level Refine?

Level Refine:

1. You can select to delevel an item by 1, 2, or 3 levels.

2. Each level down attempt costs the sale price of the item multiplied by the number of levels you wish to refine it, level 3 refine however costs 4x the sale price:

a. Item sale price = 1000, Delevel 1 level = 1000 2 levels = 2000 3 levels = 4000

3. If an item is de-leveled more than 15 levels, the next failed refining attempt will cause the item to break. IT WILL DISAPPEAR!

4. If a level refine attempt fails, the number you attempted to refine will be added back onto the weapon’s level. This number cannot exceed the item’s normal level though.

a. With a level 99 item, failing a refine at 99 will not add levels to the item.

b. With the same level 99 item, failing a level 3 refine at level 92 will add 3 levels to bring the item back to 95.

Now take note on case number 3, It saids that if you delevel more than 15 levels the item have a chance to break...

For example: You have an Enchanted Edwin armor which is a level 86 armor deleveled to level 71. If you delevel it any further and fail, it will break and you will lose it forever.

However, this is not the case if it's only deleveled to 72 (14 levels). If that's the case, you can delevel it by 3 more levels and it won't break since it's not on the 15 level safepoint. If you fail, it only goes back to 75. If you succeed on level 3 however, you can equip it at level 69. So there, you just have yourself an item 17 levels lower.

Thanks to Midnightstar of iRohan for the tip!