From Experience: Pros and Cons of playing MMORPG  

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In everything that we do, there are always pros and cons.. advantages and disadvantages. Just like in playing MMORPG, there are lots of "pros" and of course there are always consequences alongside with it. I strongly believe that playing MMORPGs is one of the worthwhile activities that anyone can enjoy in the virtual world, but just like any other activities.. it require caution and should not be abused.

One of the best thing that I experienced in my MMORPG life is when I interact with other players, sharing thoughts and knowledge in-game and in real life which results in learning new things that can enhance my gaming experience and my real life as well. For almost 10 years of my MMORPG career, I can say that if players play wisely, it can be a good ventilation of stress and boredom for them especially if they need to relax and no time to go outdoors. But if you played too much, it will reverse the result and you can be stressed like you lost a million bucks in a Casino. So manage your time well and don't get too attached to your character.

If there is best, of course there's worst.. I remember my friend once told me "if you get too attached to something, there is a strong possibility that you may lose something in return", and he was right.


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May 24, 2009 at 3:39 AM

Everything sounds so well wrote and your correct about everything, however at the end
"if you get too attached to something, there is a strong possibility that you may lost something in return"
this just needs to change from "lost" to lose and then this is really good. Sorry to point out such a petty little mistake but it ruined it for me and then all i could focus on was telling you about it..................... and forgot about the entire point of reading this article.

Im trying to quit an MMORPG but i keep coming back to it which is severly affecting my work at college.
I wish i never started playing an MMORPG now....
My willpower fails me time after time.....
And over a pathetic little game which so many people laugh at me for.....

To anyone out there thinking of playing an MMORPG. DONT. I dont care if your thinking of playing it casual because itll soon change.

Or the least you could do is get addicted to a F2P XD

May 28, 2009 at 8:14 AM

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